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Hello, I am Frances, of Clodhopper Blooms, Cumbria. I grow flowers! If you are interested in buying my flowers, you may email me, or find me on Facebook – details all below.

But firstly, why would I be so passionate about growing flowers, and why would you want to buy them from me?

I am proud to be a part of the British Flower movement, (more can be read about this here www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk).

Britain used to be pretty much self sufficient in the cut flower growing department. Trains carried scented Narcissi (daffodils) from Cornwall all over the country, tiny bunches of Sweet Violets were given as presents. Since the Second World War this trade has been dwindling. Over the last few years as little 15% of cut flowers sold in this country are grown in Britain, which means that most of the flowers available for sale in this country are imported. The majority of flowers are shipped in to Holland flower auctions from various countries around the world and those flowers could have been picked over a week by the time they reach your average florist or supermarket.

The wide range of varieties of flowers is also limited. The flowers that travel in from Holland have to be sturdy and able to withstand long distance transport. I believe, along with many other British growers that this trend can be changed.

The first thing people usually do when handed a bunch of flowers is to stick their nose in it and have a sniff. Most imported varieties have sacrificed scent for longevity. Personally, I would rather risk having the fleeting beauty and amazing scent of a seasonal flower. And this is joy of buying locally grown seasonal flowers. You can have a bunch of sweet peas with that evocative scent of summer, or a nosegay of blue cornflowers, and there are so many flower varieties to choose from that every grower will have a different selection. Sweet peas are my favourite.

You can expect seasonal, scented, beautiful flowers and foliage if you purchase flowers from Clodhopper Blooms, with very few “flower miles”.

I can supply buckets of loose stems for you to arrange – maybe for a party, wedding, or christening, or just to enjoy at home. I will deliver locally – please email me for details.

If you have a business in Kirkby Stephen and would like a weekly bouquet, or several, I can do that to.

Email frances@clodhopperblooms.co.uk


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