Here are some products and services that I find helpful for my business…I thought I’d share them here. If you decide to purchase any, using this link, I receive a commission. The product doesn’t cost you any more though!

Here is the wonderful Journalling course by Ruth Poundwhite – journalling is more than just recording your day, it’s a really interesting tool for business too. A good way of sorting things out in your head and clearing a bit of space to think! Ruth’s prompts that she shares across her work are really surprisingly effective (especially if like me you were new to journaling!) for looking at things in a different way and help me come up with different approaches to problems.

Ruth Poundwhite’s Journaling Course

I’m also a member of Ruth’s Soulful Growth Club, which has a Facebook group of calm supportive people, and we can ask questions and receive regular journal prompts. A lot of it is about getting confidence to show up as your actual self, and finding a path to a business that suits you. She says it all a lot better than I can, and you can find out more about the Soulful Growth Club here. And a longer course, called “Quiet Ambition” which I also recommend here.

Finally, Leonie Dawson! I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Leonie, she has the prettiest brightest colourful emails and with this one product, she packs so much in. Also she has q and a sessions too and a lot if upbeat energy. She’s always adding to the library of courses here, and there’s everything from selling your thing, to writing a book in 40 days, mediations, talks about anti-racism and inclusivity, it’s so worth a look as there’s just so many aspects of business covered in a unique Leonie style! The planners and goal setting work books and worksheets are wonderful!

Here’s the link to the Academy, where all the many amazing courses live!

And if you just want the workbooks, this is the link They’re available as fillable PDF’s as well as “proper print”.

If you’re interested in learning about business, journalling, selling, and lots of other things too, have a look at the links above!

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