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Cumbrian Grown Flowers

What’s in Season – December

Christmas wreaths! I use a lot of different evergreen foliage in December – not all green! A lot can be variegated, giving white and green, or yellow and green. Also colour can be given from rose hips, coloured twigs, and some winter flowering shrubs. Bulbs …

Cumbrian Grown Flowers

What’s in Season – November

So by November, we really are coming to the end of the flowers! The beginning of November is excellent for Chrysanthemums, but a prolonged frosty spell will end them. It’s also a popular time for dried flower weddings and arrangements, lots of colours saved from …

Cumbrian Grown Flowers

What’s in Season – October

So you might think that by October, as we’re into autumn, that flowers might be a bit scarce…..well, they’re definitely precious in October! The weather as always makes a huge difference as to the flowers. If we have no or light frosts, we can have …

Cumbrian Grown Flowers

What’s in Season – September

Providing the frosts hold off (or at least are held at bay by fleece tunnels!) September is a glorious month for flowers. Here is a glimpse into a September of flowers…. If you would like to receive regular seasonal update, please do sign up to …

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