July is proper summer, flowers galore, lots of shapes, textures and colours to choose from, as well as seed pods, foliage and berries. A good month for a wedding! The tail end of July here in Cumbria sees those first few outside dahlias flowering too, always a welcome sight.

Wonderful pink Chantilly Snapdragons
Cynoglossum, like a big Forget Me Not, these flowers also can be pink.
Annual phlox comes in loads of wonderful shades, from this pink eyed “Blushing Bride” to white, blue, and biscuity fawn shades of the temptingly named “Crème Brûlée” and “Cherry Caramel”.
Hypericum berries
Dahlias – practically every colour except blue. In some cooler years these might not be flowering much until August.
Astilbe, some varieties are pink
Pink Yarrow, also grows in those creamy biscuit shades so fashionable at the moment.
Pale yarrow, the back one is Ptarmica; a good gypsophila substitute.
Poppies; of which there are many types, colours and are an amazing source of seed heads.
Not forgetting of course, my absolute favourite; sweet peas. Essential for scent in any bouquet.

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