Window decorated for British Flowers Week 2021

From the 14th to 20th June is British Flowers Week, a celebration of the beauty and variety of British grown cut flowers, foliage and plants as well as the growers, florists and wholesalers that make the availability of these flowers possible.

It is important however to remember and recognise that although we are celebrating British Grown flowers, we need to be aware of the background of these flowers and plants in that most of them are not native to this country and are likely to have been brought to the UK originally by various plant hunters over the years and this is something I don’t know much about but am trying to learn more. 

British Flowers week is arranged by New Covent Garden Market in London and there is loads of info on their website, lot of interesting things to see and read and I shall be having a browse myself later!

In celebration, New Covent Garden Market would like people to decorate windows, so here is my flowershed window (and yes, it really is that dingy and yes could do with a clean but the cool dark interior helps keep my cut flowers happy! Along with the nuclear bunker in the basement of course).

I used test tubes of water so the flowers don’t wilt, so this is, as all my work is, completely foam free, compostable or reuseable. 

Foam free floral design
Seasonal Flowers in June

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