For me, sustainable wedding floristry means using only compostable materials or materials that can be used again, not using floral foam (also known as “Oasis,” it is effectively a single use plastic). It’s also about where the flowers come from (and how the flowers are grown), so using locally grown seasonal flowers and foliage is a must. Using only British grown flowers reduces the carbon footprint of a wedding, even more so if you use flowers/foliage grown locally to your venue.

As someone planning a wedding or event, you are entitled to ask your florist what measures they are taking to be sustainable and where the flowers come from.

For example, the garland below is made on a rope base. The foliage can be removed, composted and the rope used again. Flowers in vases and bottles are a really simple way of decorating a table and can be used again and again. Hiring them from your wedding florist ensures that they are washed and reused many times. The bonus is that flowers in water last longer than flowers in foam.

Here are just a few ways in which I use sustainable floristry techniques to create beautiful seasonal and romantic wedding florals…..

If you’re booking a wedding or event with me and you would like your flowers composting after the event, do let me know as I’m more than happy to!

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Flower grower florist based in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria UK creating florals for weddings, events and locally delivered bouquets.